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If you're looking for a family shul experience in Borehamwood that's as inspiring as it is fun, then you've come to the right place!

Together with the SoulShul community, you can celebrate Shabbat and Jewish Festivals in a warm and inclusive atmosphere with like minded families. And with our explanatory services and parallel kid's programme you'll have the opportunity to really connect.

SoulShul is a joint project of Dvash & Seed Borehamwood, two local Jewish organisations who share a mission to provide engaging experiences for Jewish families.

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❝Very open, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere with the right level of spirituality. Also really loved it was outdoors and we didn't need to wear a mask.❞ ~ L & J

❝It was very welcoming and I felt very comfortable. I loved that the kids could run around and play while I got to daven. It made my yom tov!❞ ~ Family M

❝Loved the feeling of being in a real service with a warm congregation❞ ~ Family C

❝Absolutely loved the special atmosphere and the ability to have children participate.❞ ~ Family P

❝The services were fantastic, spiritual and with a great ruach.❞ ~ N.C.

❝Never before have I enjoyed Yom Kippur. Thank you! Thank you!❞ ~ C.C.

❝Amazing to see so many people that would otherwise have not participated in a service (myself included) get the chance to daven and connect at this time.❞ ~ D.A.

❝My children had so much fun, it helped make them feel it was Yom Kippur.❞ ~ S.W.

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With Rabbi Goldstein's sweet voice, Rabbi Solomon's motivational talks, Singalong Sorele's children’s services & Rebbetzin Carri's warm hospitality, we bring you the full team!

Rabbi Yosef Solomon


An inspirational speaker, Yosef is an experienced educator and trained Rabbinic Marriage Counsellor with a passion for helping couples build happy homes.

Connect with him here:

Rebbetzin Carri Solomon


A sought-after mentor and speaker, Carri helps women achieve their maternal goals. After seven natural births (yeah, phew!) she’s got loads to share.

Connect with her here:

Rabbi Peretz Goldstein


Originally from Stanmore, Rabbi Goldstein spent 11 years studying in Israel until receiving his Rabbinic ordination, after which he and his family jetted off to Boston. They spent two very busy years building a community of Jewish young professionals in an urban setting through a blend of social and educational programs. Now back in the UK’s largest Jewish community, Rabbi Goldstein, with his infectious enthusiasm for life and dedication to Jewish teaching and learning, leads Seed Borehamwood and hopes to enrich the lives of many Jewish families and young professionals.

Connect with him here:

Rebbetzin Sorele Goldstein


Sorele has a passion for relating ancient Jewish wisdom to contemporary life, and enjoys channelling her inner artist through singing, playing guitar, interior design and crafts. With a bunch of kids running around, she can also be found with her nose in a book whenever her busy home life allows her the time! Sorele grew up in Stamford Hill and spent three years studying at the prestigious Gateshead seminary before working as a Jewish Studies teacher at Wolfson Hillel Primary School. She is a talented educator who communicates authentic, relevant Judaism in a friendly and inspiring style.

Connect with her here:

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No upcoming events at the moment
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